Considering you can find a thrift shop almost anywhere, “ukay-ukay” (thrift shopping) is quite known in the Philippines. Ukay-ukay is where you can find vintage pieces for affordable prices that you can either wear or sell. To our community, I will be sharing with you not only my ukay-ukay adventures but also my recommendations for different places wherein you can have a variety of affordable pieces.  


I tend to go to thrift shops before my school year starts, or whenever I feel like I need a new set of outfits to wear.  Now there are a lot of thrift shops that are known like Cubao Expo, Anonas, and Tagaytay, although I have this one place that really holds dear to me because the prices they offer is really cheap, plus some items there are exported from different countries.  This special place is located in Junction, Cainta Rizal.  


It is hidden inside a market or “Palengke”, and once you enter you will see how big it is, and the huge amount of products they are selling, So as I entered, I really spent so much time digging and looking at each and every product they offering, because sometimes there are hidden gems.  As much as possible wear comfortable clothes so it is easier for you to try on certain things, and thrift shops do not have any air conditioner, so it is easy for you to get sweaty because of the heat.  So when it comes to bargaining for a lower price, do not hesitate to tell the vendor how much you want for it, because eventually they will either say yes to your price, or both of you will compromise to a certain price that you guys will be comfortable with.  More so that when you buy in bulk, they will most likely give you a best price for it.  

The vendors  in the thrift shops are very kind and helpful, so do not forget to always smile, and have a short conversation with them.  So in this specific thrift shop, I was able to buy 9 different outfits (Blazers, flare pants, polos, vintage tees, corduroy jackets, and etc.), and a trunk full of goodies for only One Thousand Pesos.   As compared to the other thrift shops I went, they offer the cheapest price.  Don’t get me wrong, I also shop in the thrift stores I mentioned a while ago, it is just that the prices they offer are sometimes higher compared to the one in Junction.  As an example, the store in Anonas sells blazers for around 350 pesos or higher each. On the other hand in Junction, blazers cost 100 pesos each, same goes for other clothing apparel.  


In addition to that,  other thrift stores I have been to, the prices aren’t really negotiable, so it is harder to bargain with the vendors.  It depends on you which thrift stores you really love since we all have different preferences, and that not all thrift stores offer the same kinds of products. Lastly, please do not forget to wash the clothes you bought, since you do not know where it came from.  

Now that you know my secret thrift shop location, share your thrifting experiences so as your tips and tricks when thrift shopping by commenting down below! 





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