Most of us are still hoping that we can have the ideal summer with our thought out outfits and dream destinations. While we’re waiting for the go signal to travel to wherever our hearts desire, let me help you out with some summer looks that you can lounge in or take a quick outing in. Or why not look stylish just because? To give you a little inspiration, I curated my top 3 Susto summer pieces from our recent collection launch. Not only are they affordable but they’ve got color which is perfect for the season. And the best part, you can wear them over and over again with different pieces from your closet.

  • Rosie Floral Skirt - Php 699

  • We have several new skirts from the #SUSTOSUMMER20 Collection launch but the Rosie Floral Skirt is my favorite. I love how the dainty white flowers just soften the boldness of the red. The ruffles on this mini skirt also make the piece comfortable and did I mention that it’s mid-rise? Meaning it hugs your body in just the right places for a little tuck. 


  • Leila Stripe Dress - Php 799

  • Blue is such a flattering color on everyone and the Leila Stripe Dress just proves this once again. It shows off your curves up top then relaxes into an A-line skirt. It also has adjustable straps that literally got your back. This is such a light and breathable dress that will flow effortlessly with you throughout your busy day. 


  • Hera Top - Php 400

    The Hera Top has been Susto’s staple since the Summer Collection launch and that’s a promise. It’s so versatile that you can pair it with any bottom and you can even dress it up or dress it down. The V-neckline is so flattering and the button detailing gives it a little extra so it’s not just your typical sleeveless top. And again, adjustable straps! We also have a range of colors: white, peach, light blue, and navy blue. 



    Stay comfortable yet stylish with these summer pieces. So what are you waiting for? Shop the Rosie Floral Skirt, the Leila Stripe Dress, and the Hera Top now! Each item is only less than Php 800. Check out more from the #SUSTOSUMMER20 Collection on and Zalora. Hurry! Because our favourites have limited stocks.


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